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 "Driving the Future" TM

Environmental Sustainment TM

NRI has been working to engineer products that will help by reducing pollutants that are present thus sustaining our environment and our planet . NRI has adopted an Environmental Policy that will measure results of our efforts in reducing any pollutants that may be released into the environment. NRI will continue to set goals that will achieve the environmental improvements needed to decrease our environmental footprint thereby conserving precious energy and reducing greenhouse gases.

NRI will seek partnerships with environmental organizations, both Local, National and International to address issues that address climate change, greenhouse gases and other environmental issues important to our customers, investors, employees, communities and the country we live in.

As NRI does this we help our customers, investors, employees, communities and our country help improve their own environmental footprints with our products that are energy saving, reduce environmental pollutants and decreasing greenhouse gases which will lead to Environmental SustainmentTM