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NRI Manufacturing Inc.

 "Driving the Future" TM

The products that we produce are designed and engineered to provide the best possible short/long term cost savings that will help you, as an individual, a company or a government agency/entity, better manage your budgetary constraints as long these products are used correctly, appropriately and responsibly. Our products help to prevent the unpredictable price swings of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, fuel cells,  LNG, bio-fuels and other fuel based products of today. Our products are designed to help provide the affordability that is necessary to ease the daily costs associated with these fuel based engines and vehicles.

Our products compete effectively with other electric based vehicles because of its cost structure of parts that are replaceable within the engine itself. No other electric motors/engines or vehicles provides this. The manufacturers requires the replacement of the whole motor or go through very costly repairs. Their products do not separate as our products are engineered to do. This type of design and engineering helps to get your vehicle back on the road. Our products are engineered to separate for easier repair thereby reducing maintenance/repair costs. Once separated we will be able to fix the necessary part, replace it and reassemble it. The vehicle will be back on the road in the shortest possible time to reduce the off-line time of the vehicle.

NRI © will provide the necessary support you need to help maintain our products to the highest efficiency possible which will result in the best cost savings that our products can produce.

NRI © manufactures products that are not only cost effective but are able to be broken down easier for reduced maintenance costs, engineered for better flow and safety, all of which add up to the cost savings needed to remain within your budget and/or budgetary analysis and/or constraints.


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